Peripheral security

Switzerland, as the host state, is responsible for security outside the perimeter occupied by each international organisation. Moreover, in accordance with Switzerland’s international obligations, arising under agreements with international organisations on privileges and immunities, the Federal Government and Geneva Canton assist these organisations with peripheral security.



The Steering Committee on Peripheral Security is responsible for implementing the host state's decisions on peripheral security.It is tasked with initiating, funding and overseeing studies and projects in this area.

The Steering Committee on Peripheral Security brings together the following entities:

  • Federal Government:
    • Swiss Mission in Geneva (Presidency)
    • United Nations and International Organisations Division
    • Federal Security Service
  • Geneva Canton
    • Office cantonal des bâtiments – Direction des rénovations et transformations (buildings and works)
    • Office cantonal de l’Urbanisme – Direction du Territoire (planning authority)
    • Real Estate Development Service and Financial Services.

FIPOI spearheads the operational management of these projects.


Role of FIPOI

When the host authorities respond to a support request from an international organisation, FIPOI is tasked with studying the development and deployment of security measures.  FIPOI’s intervention ranges from the project initiation and conception to its implementation.

To meet the challenge of providing security in a sophisticated urban context with a rich natural and architectural heritage, FIPOI has initiated a multidisciplinary methodology leveraging technical expertise in areas such as security, urban planning, landscaping, architecture, mobility, and civil engineering.

This multidisciplinary approach is accompanied by concerted action involving all the project partners, such as the international organisation, cantonal and municipal services, the local community, and users.

FIPOI aims to offer security facilities that are integrated into the local environment and accepted by all the public or private entities involved.  Its project management processes are continually reviewed and adapted in line with project requirements.

FIPOI also offers maintenance services for these security facilities.



Funding for peripheral safety is provided by the Federal Government (65%) and Geneva Canton (35%).Thus, for international organisations located in Geneva Canton, project studies and/or development and delivery of security facilities may be eligible for federal and cantonal funding, which will vary in line with the specific aspects of each project.



FIPOI spearheads the peripheral security projects which range from the study of a site’s general security concept to development and delivery of the integrated security infrastructures.These projects are usually carried out over several years.

FIPOI also provides maintenance for a number of facilities.

Around ten projects were accepted in 2021 and FIPOI is working with several international organisations:

  • United Nations Office at Geneva
  • European Organization for Nuclear Research
  • International Telecommunication Union
  • World Trade Organization
  • World Health Organization
  • World Meteorological Organization
  • World Intellectual Property Organization
  • International Labour Organization