Genève Internationale

International organisations

When Switzerland grants a loan to an international organisation to build new premises or renovate its existing property, FIPOI provides assistance and technical support for the project.

FIPOI acts as facilitator and assists the organisation in its dealings with the local authorities. We also the ensure follow-up on the government funding which is administered by FIPOI

Perimeter security

When an international organisation requests and is granted assistance from the Swiss Government for the deployment of security facilities outside its property, FIPOI is tasked with developing security solutions tailored to the organisation’s requirements.

Depending on the needs identified by the international organisation, FIPOI’s role can range from studying security concepts to their implementation.

Most of the interventions involve highly symbolic locations, close to buildings that are a part of International Geneva’s cultural or architectural heritage.FIPOI designs and/or implements security projects that are integrated into the urban landscape.