In the context of land recovery of the said perimeter of les Feuillantines, a working group was between the Mission Switzerland, Canton and FIPOI.

The majority of parcels are owned by the State, it is the Canton which
pilot project, FIPOI bringing assistance to the folder.
As a first step, this working group has commissioned a firm of architects and planners desk in order to identify opportunities and development parcels in the scope of the project (2012).

Parcels are properties to 35% for the State and 65 per cent for the United Nations. The United Nations wish to achieve a recovery of its lands to provide funds for the renovation of the Palais des Nations (SHP), it should return to provision its land in the form of a right.

UNOG - LES FEUILLANTINES a tower project planned on the grounds of the State of Geneva had been the subject of a request for information (DR 18436) to the Department of planning, housing and energy, but in parallel to the initial project, the Foundation of the city of Geneva music (FCMG) has proposed its own project which would include the Haute École de Musique (HEM) + a 1600-seat Philharmonic auditorium. For this purpose the FCMG sent in August 2015 a proposal to UNOG on the purchase of his plots. This proposal was presented to the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York in December 2015 and is currently under review.

The intentional planning of the FCMG provides an architectural competition which remains subject to the decision of the United Nations.
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Adresse rte de Ferney 8-10 - 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex
Commune Grand-Saconnex
Parcelle 2076-2078-4165-2005-2079-2077-2080
Début travaux 2018
Livraison de l’ouvrage 2019
Architecte FREI & STEFANI
Surface 21'000 m2 SBP
Volume cube SIA ---
Parking ---

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