Building financed by the FIPOI (Annex building)

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is very important to International Geneva. Therefore, when the ITU, in response to the considerable increase in its workload, decided it needed to expand, the FIPOI gave it the means to do so by building an additional annex.

Seventh article in a series on the history of the built area of international institutions to Geneva
Joëlle Kuntz

International Geneva – 23 juin 2016

Site internet
Adresse Place des Nations 1202 Genève
Commune Genève - Petit-Saconnex
Parcelle 5235
Début travaux Extension: Year 1997
Livraison de l’ouvrage Year 1962 / Annexe: Year 1999
Architecte Bordigoni père & fils (tower and building.) / Oberson J-J (new annexe)
Surface Annexe: 10'600 m2 SBP
Volume cube SIA Annexe: 7'670 m3
Places parking 113 inside spaces