Building n°42

In its fifty years of existence, CERN has become the best-performing laboratory and research centre in the world for particle physics. As a founding member of CERN, Switzerland has always taken a particular interest in this organisation, because of its global reputation, and of the scientific benefit to Swiss researchers. The FIPOI loaned the funds needed for the construction of Building n°40. Ten years later, the building was too small, and so the FIPOI made another loan in order to construct a new building (Building n°42).

Buildings n°40 - 42 financed by the FIPOI

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Adresse CH-1211 Genève 23
Commune Meyrin
Parcelle 11482
Début travaux Building 42: 2008
Livraison de l’ouvrage Year 1954 - Building n° 42: 2010
Architecte Perret-Porta-Willemetz (Switzerland)- Building n°42 Atelier d'architecture Perret - Lausanne
Surface 9'253m2 - Building n° 42: 3'214m2 SB
Volume cube SIA (Society of engineers and architects) 24'113m3 - Building n° 42: 11'531m3
Places parking ---