CWR - RENO / William Rappard Centre - Renovation

Renovation and extension of the William Rappard Centre - CWR

Between 2008 and 2014, the FIPOI built a unique lakeside site for the World Trade Organization (WTO) at the entrance to the city of Geneva.

The beautiful Centre William Rappard (CWR), located next to the Parc Barton, was selected with a three-fold aim:

1 - To renovate the CWR and provide 300 workstations and meeting rooms
This project was financed by a 45 million CHF grant awarded by the Swiss Confederation and involved developing a building already in use in seven successive phases. The FIPOI acted as the contracting authority.

2 - An intra-mural extension project
This project was financed by a 20 million CHF loan from the FIPOI.
It involved the building of an auditorium with 4 conference rooms (southern courtyard) and a work area for delegates covered by a translucid membrane (northern courtyard).

3 - An extra-mural extension project 
This project gave rise to an international architectural competition that was won by the German firm of Wittfoht Architekten. It was financed by a 40 million CHF loan from the FIPOI and by a 10 million CHF grant from the Swiss Confederation. This new building features 300 workstations, an underground car park for 200 vehicles and a cafeteria open to the public. It is the tallest building in French-speaking Switzerland that is Minergie Plus certified.

4 - A peripheral protection
Project which aims to fulfil the protection demands of the UN for International Organisations

Building under management

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Adresse 154, rue de Lausanne 1211 Genève 21
Commune Genève - Petit Saconnex
Parcelle 247 - 5410
Début travaux Year 2008
Livraison de l’ouvrage Year 2012 - finitions 2014
Architecte Group8 - Genève / Wittfoht architect-Stuttgart-Germany (extra-mural project)
Surface 15'636 m2 SP (extra-mural project)
Volume cube SIA 59,219 m3 SIA416 (Society of engineers and architects) "extra-mural project"
Places parking 220 inside spaces + 90 motorcycle seats