Formerly called the Geneva Executive Centre (GEC), it regrouped some international organisations which worked in the environment sector, as well as some UN services. As the Host State, Switzerland felt it necessary to find a solution to the lack of space which threatened the smooth functioning of these organisations based in Geneva. Bought by the Confederation in 1993, the GEC has since been given over to the FIPOI who owns it and renamed it “International Environment House 1 (IEH1)”.

In 2005 a competition for sanitation ideas was launched by the FIPOI in order to renovate the air conditioning which was no longer in line with norms, and to review the building regulations, since the building was no longer conforming to regulation. Our aim was to improve energy production. The work was carried out between 2007 and 2009, and the building was given a MINERGIE RENOVATION rating.

Here you can download the datasheet for the  "CVC renovation". (only in french)

Building owned by the FIPOI

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Adresse 9-15, chemin des Anémones 1219 Châtelaine
Commune Vernier
Parcelle 3330 - 3331 - 3332 - 3333
Début travaux Year 1987 - 2007 technical renovation
Livraison de l’ouvrage Year 1989 - 2009 technical renovation
Architecte Favre & Guth SA - Geneva
Surface 14'350 m2
Volume cube SIA 72'950 m3
Places parking 460 inside spaces, 29 outside spaces