Conference rooms

In 1994, the Federal Council’s decision to build a new conference room and to make it available for the WTO was a determining factor in Switzerland’s offer to host the headquarters of the WTO. The FIPOI was authorised to make the conference room available to other international organisations when it was not needed by the WTO. Work started in August 1995. The room was inaugurated on the 16th February 1998, after 30 months of work. The conference room was built near the Rue de Lausanne (Lausanne Street) in the park surrounding the CWR, immediately adjacent to the existing building. This environment led to a project in which form and use of space linked the site and the building. The location led to the idea of a semi-circular room.

Plenary room total capacity: 710 seats

Divided room capacity: 387 and 323 seats

You can download the data sheet of  the William Rappard Room (only in french)

Building owned by the FIPOI

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Adresse 154, rue de Lausanne 1211 Genève 21
Commune Genève - Petit-Saconnex
Parcelle 246 - 247
Début travaux August 1995
Livraison de l’ouvrage Inauguration February 16, 1998
Architecte Architecture studio Ugo BRUNONI
Surface 1'272 m2
Volume cube SIA (Society of engineers and architects) 21'590 m3
Places parking ---