Ecological Responsability


Dans le cadre de son engagement en faveur du développement durable, la FIPOI a engagé cinq actions dans le domaine de la responsabilité écologique. Ces actions ont fait l’objet de mesures incitatives auprès de ses collaborateurs qui ont été invités à développer un certain nombre de gestes éco-citoyens.

ACTION n°1 : was carried out in Winter 2007/2008. It was about energy and aimed to lower electricity consumption in the offices.

  • Installation of energy saving devices in 50 workstationstion is recycled paper
    Potential reduction : 4,200 kWh/year

ACTION n°2 :  was carried out in spring 2008. It was about consumption and aimed to reduce paper consumption.

  • Reduction of print-outs and the use of recycled paper
    Results in 2010 : 87% of total paper consumption is recycled paper

ACTION n°3 : In summer 2008, the Buildings Division took several measures to save water.

  • Installation of water saving devices on all taps
    Annual reduction : 1,000m3 of water for all the buildings
  • Installation of ‘2-speed’ flushes on 289 toilet cisterns
    Reduction : 4 litres for the small flush / 9 litres for the big flush
  • Systematic searches for leaks in the water network.
  • Installation of five urinals without water or electricity in the IAV building
    Potential reduction: according to the manufacturer for frequent public use: 100,000 litres/year/urinal

ACTION n°4 : was taken in winter 2009. It was aiming to increase recycling in order to preserve natural resources. That year 167.4 tonnes of waste were recycled in the buildings we manage. IEH 1=83.4 tonnes, IEH 2=17.7 tonnes, IAV=11 tonnes and CAGI=55.3 tonnes.

  • Installation of recycling bins. (Installed in buildings: IEH 1, IEH 2, CAGI and IAV)
  • Improvement of the signing of waste disposal sites
  • Follow-up of the amount of waste according to type.

ACTION n°5 :  was undertaken in 2009 in order to choose soft mobility. For 2009, our aim was a reduction in emissions of 6.8 tonnes of CO2 through the use of public transport for commuting, as well as a reduction in emissions of 160kg of CO2 for professional transport (electric bicycles and Geneva Public Transport)

  • For our commuting: annual contribution of 200 CHF for the acquisition of a yearly travel pass or the acquisition of an electric bicycle.
  • For professional travel: Geneva Public Transport bus passes as well as 2 electric bicycles are available.

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